Friday, July 5, 2013

new standard rooms with airco

5 july 2013
Hello Sumahotel guests.
In the last message i told you about the new rooms we add to sumahotel. The new , 6 , standard rooms are changed in superior rooms.
Because of questions from our guests to have an airco, we decided to add airco in the new standard rooms.
That means that the standard rooms are changed in superior rooms, with a concequence that the price are a little higher (35 euro) . standard rooms are 25 euro, superior rooms are 35 euro. If the situation is there and the guests ask for no airco, it is possible, if the situation allow it and there are not so many guests, that we rent the a new room as standard. Then we DO NOT GIVE THE REMOTE FOR THE AIRCO to the guests.
So we now have 12 superior rooms and 4 standard rooms for the guests.
We hope that we have made a fine and good sumahotel for our guests. p.s. at is a rating for hotels, SUMAHOTEL has a rating of 8.2. very good isn't it?

Many greetings from your sumahotel internet manager bob dammann

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