Monday, May 11, 2015

Hello Guests of sumahotel, Lovina, North Bali in Kalibukbuk. This new message is a film in mp4 from SUMAHOTEL to see out of the air. We have made this with a drone, so you can see SUMAHOTEL out of the air. Enjoy and we hope to see you in Sumahotel. Below you find the link to see.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Hello Visitors of SUMAHOTEL or the site of SUMAHOTEL.COM
We are glad to announce that SUMAHOTEL.COM is back online with a new LOOK.
We have changed provider and it took longer then we had expected.
With the look we hope we please our guests, for it is more modern.

Of course we are happy to offer you 10% extra discount (till end of august), because it was difficult to find us, but it was possible on SUMAHOTEL.NL

So if you book through our site SUMAHOTEL.COM you get 10% extra bonus. In the months july and augustus it is very busy with guests, but from september on and the low season months you are very welcome in SUMAHOTEL.

We hope you can find sumahotel via this site, but also you can find us at facebook, tripadvisor, and many other sites
We wish you a very pleasent stay on Bali and of course we hope that you come to SUMAHOTEL, NORTH BALI.
Many greetings from
Bob Dammann

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hello sumahotel guests,
This moment 16 july 2014 is onze site: SUMAHOTEL.COM trmporarely not reachable., because we are changing provider.
We have an other site: SUMAHOTEL.NL an a new looks.
If is on line again it will look the same as SUMAHOTEL.NL. We hope to inform you very soon, that is onine again.
You will read it also here.
Many greetings
sumahotel internet manager
Bob Dammann

Friday, July 5, 2013

new standard rooms with airco

5 july 2013
Hello Sumahotel guests.
In the last message i told you about the new rooms we add to sumahotel. The new , 6 , standard rooms are changed in superior rooms.
Because of questions from our guests to have an airco, we decided to add airco in the new standard rooms.
That means that the standard rooms are changed in superior rooms, with a concequence that the price are a little higher (35 euro) . standard rooms are 25 euro, superior rooms are 35 euro. If the situation is there and the guests ask for no airco, it is possible, if the situation allow it and there are not so many guests, that we rent the a new room as standard. Then we DO NOT GIVE THE REMOTE FOR THE AIRCO to the guests.
So we now have 12 superior rooms and 4 standard rooms for the guests.
We hope that we have made a fine and good sumahotel for our guests. p.s. at is a rating for hotels, SUMAHOTEL has a rating of 8.2. very good isn't it?

Many greetings from your sumahotel internet manager bob dammann

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hello holidays people who wants to have a pleasent holidays in bali , special in SUMAHOTEL. Well we have finished the new buildings in SUMAHOTEL. We added 6 standard rooms for the young people and for guests who want to have a cheap accomodation. The 6 added rooms are for 2 people (double bed or twin bed) and we can add an extra bed for a child. Of course our guests can use the nice pool and use the bar at the pool. We wish you a very pleasent stay in SUMAHOTEL (it is like a paradise). Below you can see 6 foto's of the new buildings. For now we finished the expantion of the buildings, for we think our hotel is a very nice place and must no be big. We want all our guests feel free and on an have quite holiday.

If you are in Sumahotel, Lovina Beach you can make beautifull excursions. Here you find a link to see what kind of excursion there are.
Click here to see the activities what you can do out of SUMAHOTEL


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hello Guests of Sumahotel, Kalibukbuk, Lovina Beach.

We are glad to announce that we have build 6 extra STANDARD rooms in Sumahotel.
We believe that jounger guests are willing to pay a small price for a stay in SUMAHOTEL. And because of that, we see a lot of joung people are travelling in Bali to see the very nice surroundings. We decided to have more facilities for those guests.
So we now have 10 standard rooms for the economy guests and of course they stay in a paradise in SUMAHOTEL, with swimmingpool, bar at swimmingpool, nice restaurant and very nice and new and renovated rooms.
So you can stay at the swimmingpool having your cocktailglass with it. In the evening you can diner in the nice restaurant with an excellent diner for a good price.
From SUMAHOTEL you can make a lot of activities.
Click here to see the activities we have.
We hope you will have a pleasent stay in Sumahotel.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

news of sumahotel , suma spa

hello visitors of sumahotel.

We have a new issue connected to sumahotel: SUMA SPA.
In the suma-spa we are equiped to do:
manicure, pedicure, massage and body scrub, hair creambath,foot massage, day package, waxing etc.
I will let you see a photograpf of the brochure.

please click the brochure to enlarge

many greetings from
Bob Dammann Sumahotel internet manager

news of sumahotel

Hello Bali visitors,

Welcome to this site of sumahotel blog.
We are arranging a couple of tours and a program for 10 days (9 nights in sumahotel).
This arrangment is constructed with:
lovina tour, dolphin watching, visit, warm and cold waterspring, waterfall, visit to temples, etc.
Also is there time to relax of course.

If you want to be informed for the arrangement go to and ask for it.
we can offer you a good arrangement.
In the rest period you can relax in our beautifull hotel with a beautifull pool (you will feel like in paradise).

I hope i will see you in the booking.
bob dammann sumahotel internet manager

Friday, November 12, 2010

New appartments sumahotel photo's

Hello dear readers,

Here you find the new photo's of the appartments which are new.
We have add 8 new appartments and a bar at the pool so for the guests is will be more easy to order a drink.
Now we have 21 appartments, 2 economy rooms, 3 standard rooms,4 superior rooms and 12 luxe rooms.
On the site you can find the price and info on these rooms.
The photo's you can find on:
There you will find a list and you can click on each photo. With the back button you will find the list again. So you can see all the photo's

Happy viewing and we hope to see you in our hotel.

Bob Dammann
Sumahotel internet manager

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

expanding our hotel

Dear readers,

We are finished the building of new appartments now.
In short time you can find here photos of the new buildings, the bar at the pool etc.
In the meantime you can see to look at the dutch blog page.
Also look at

I will see you later.

bob dammann